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Welcoming Carson Potter

Mount Olive, NC


Nicole and Justin will be welcoming Baby Boy Carson any time now! These first time parents are local Mount Olive residents with limited family in the direct area. This is our time to shine friends! Nicole's family are all located out of state and Justin has family nearby, but not local. Nicole and Justin are very thankful for any help you can send they just ask for items to be delivered or dropped off. With Covid rearing back up they have respectfully asked for limited visitors at this time. Also, RSV is very active right now and we definitely do not want Carson catching that! Please respond to this page concering any meals or items that you can help this family with.

Special Notes

Nicole and Justin enjoy the food trucks that frequent our local brewery. Especially Jimmy's Cooking Shack for BBQ. They are also frequent patrons at the local Mexican Restaurant Maya Bistro. The family does not like anything with mushrooms, but is not picky towards any homecooked meals. Other restaurants: Yummy Orient (MO) Papa Johns(MO) Hwy 55(MO) Ribeyes(MO) Texas Roadhouse (Goldsboro) Brooklyn Pizza (Goldsboro) Chipotle(Goldsboro) Chick Fil A (Goldsboro) Jays Kitchen (Goldsboro) Foodlion or Piggy Wiggly are their local grocery stores they frequent. There is a local Wal-Mart as well. Grocery item staples: Water Bottles Gatorade 2% Milk Velveeta Mac n Cheese Pasta Light Tuna Fish Sandwich Bread Cold Cuts Pasta Salad Pork Chops Chicken Potatoes Special K Cereal with Berries PB Captain Crunch Bakery Goods -Pastries; Brownies; Cookies; etc Any type of disposable eating items are highly welcomed: Paper Plates, Bowls, Cutlery, Cups, Napkins or Paper towels can always be used for new parents- No one wants to do dishes after coming home from the hospital with a newborn. Please if you do bring a meal make sure it's in a non-returnable dish so the new time parents do not have to worry about returning it.

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