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Team John



Lets be honest we all know who helped me write this... well, completely write this.... none other than Eric Turner. I asked and without hesitation he stepped up. I knew he would find the words that we all thinking that describes John and his journey. John is not just a coworker but a friend. This is where Team Cardinal shows our strength of supporting one another no matter what. Shel Silverstein once wrote about an Apple tree . . . Let me tell you about the man I know who would give you everything he has. John has an ornery sense of humor; he’s quick witted enough to knock ya down a peg or two, but it’s all for a smile - the curve that can set everything straight. When he asks how you’re doing, he’s one of the ones who truly wants to know. If your answer includes needing something, anything, including the shirt off of his own back, he would gladly oblige. John’s role at the CU is much like that in his life outside of work; a Giving Tree who would surrender his own resources to ensure that those around him are taken care of, no matter the cost to himself. His broad, blue collar shoulders likely shudder under the weight of his own heart; one so big that I’m positive God himself is especially proud of. Well this, selfless, cape-less hero has had his own branches ravaged by a particularly heinous disease as of late. John has already undergone one surgery, and has a formidable road ahead; yet, I know he is still thinking about the things he could be doing for others. That’s just how he’s wired. It’s our turn now to return the favor. We must help him regrow his branches and allow him to grow the fruit he will never keep, as he always gives it away. One of the most genuine, salt-of-the-earth, will do whatever you need humans you’ll ever meet is in need. His physical strength is unrivaled: no doubt from carrying the weight of what he does for others, and the weight of his oversized ticker. We must do what we can, just as he would. We will plant firmly behind him to provide what is needed; replenished spirit, unending prayers, and whatever it takes. John & Denise; You’ve got this. We’ve got you. We are right here with you. We will always have your back. Xoxox Kim R.

Special Notes

Super foods: Mexican Oregano, Artichokes, and Celery There are so many ways to help. You can help with yard work, make or purchase a dinner, send groceries, gift cards or by simply sharing this link. Please consider helping this amazing family in this difficult time. Thank you all for reviewing this page. Have a blessed day. Kim

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