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Team Frank

Hagerstown, MD


In January, Frank was diagnosed with stage 4 Non Hodgkin’s large cell lymphoma, very aggressive.. Frank went for a yearly full physical in October and nothing was out of the norm. During November, he started choking, his glands began to swell, stomach pain and having night sweats (which we never knew was a symptom of cancer) After several antibiotics and doctors, we all thought it was an infection. January 13 Frank ended up in the ER where several CAT scans were completed.This is when they found the masses throughout. We are very lucky to have Marcella in our lives. She has been my Angel here on earth! She was able to get us in with an amazing gastroenterologist who within two days performed a biopsy. That biopsy confirmed the diagnosis. We then got an appointment with an amazing oncologist. We are extremely happy with the care, medical team and facility. This lymphoma is 80 percent curable so we are staying hopeful and positive that Frank beats it! His treatment consists of chemo every 21 days for approximately 8 hours per session. The doctors say that his outlook is positive! Frank is in good spirits and is very positive about this journey. Thank you all in advance for your support and love! We will definitely need our neighborhood family for this one!

Special Notes

No seafood please Suggestions : Door dash ( easy for kids to use) my email is [email protected] Restaurants     ⁃    Riks     ⁃    Mission BBQ     ⁃    Chinese     ⁃    Chilis     ⁃    Chiplote     ⁃    Olive Garden Food store     ⁃    Martins     ⁃    Walmart Things kids enjoy (unfortunately they are picky)     ⁃    Mac n cheese     ⁃    Grilled chicken     ⁃    Salads (regular garden)     ⁃    Baked ziti     ⁃    Wings     ⁃    Meat/ burgers     ⁃    Tacos     ⁃    Soups (chicken noodle/potatoes etc     ⁃    Chili     ⁃    No sea food - cookies -fruit

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