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Healthy food for a Healthy Baby

Houston, TX


Greetings, As my close friends and family, you guys know by now we are pregnant. We are overly excited to be welcoming our baby girl in April inshallah. Some unforeseen circumstances happened resulting me going in the hospital for nearly three weeks. As we prepare to come home and continue baking our bundle of joy we need your help. Everybody knows I LOVE to cook, but baby girl comes first and that means BEDREST! Therefore, I will not be cooking or other activities outside of what has been been recommended by the doctor. This is where your help comes in. Meal train has been designed to help with meal preparations and other assistance for individuals. You have the option to cook food and bring it to the house, have something delivered, deliver it yourself or even send money. Whatever is easiest for you. It also allows people to sign up for what days or weeks the are contributing to so there isn't too much food. If you need some of my recipes, I will be happy to assist. Now ya'll know I am picky about people's food. So please don't share! Thanks

Special Notes

My dietary restrictions is as follows: -No fruits high is sugar. So fruits like berries are favorable -No high starchy veggies like carrots or butternut squash -No bean soup or beans. Please check with me before making it -No tortillas -No breaded foods use flour only -Small portions of brown rice -No breads, pasta or high starchy food WE ARE ON A LOW CARB, HIGH FIBER AND PROTEIN DIET -No Beef -Chicken is fine -Lamb is fine Things I love and that doesn't run my sugar up -spinach or vegetable quiche -I love chicken in many ways just ask -cucumber & red onion salad -build my own warp using high fiber tortillas - squash & zucchini, creamed spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and salad jars -roasted veggies are my favorite using the veggies listed above - fried veggies:cauliflower, broccoli red& green bell peppers -John Wayne casserole you can always use a pie crust Any other suggestions reach out.

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