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Toni the Tigress


We all know Toni and want to offer support to her and Oscar as they deal with this tough time! Toni's surgery with be on February 1st as an outpatient surgery. She will be off work for 4-6 weeks. At this time, Toni isn't sure they will need anything...but I wanted to create this page so we are ready if things change. The first week, she has to eat light foods such as soup, etc. But, maybe we can provide something heavier for Oscar? I will start by dropping off a pot of Chicken Soup the day before surgery so she has something nourishing to eat when she feels like it after the surgery... If you want to offer something specific, leave it in the Message Box below and I will work with Toni to get it into the site.... Oscar is planning to take care of all the errands, trips to the doctor, etc. But perhaps he will let us help out more as things go along. I will encourage Toni to make changes, or let me make changes as needed. They have canceled hosting the Super Bowl Party this maybe someone else will step up to do that? My TV is too small. If you want to add something specific, put it in the Message Box below and I will work with Toni to schedule it.

Special Notes

The only thing Toni told me she doesn't like is Sauerkraut! She also normally prefers to eat light...salads, lighter types of dishes, etc. At this point, they don't want gift cards to restaurants (that may change)

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