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Show Mom Love as She Welcomes Her Baby Girl

Haymarket, VA


In the early hours of the morning, a precious baby girl made her entrance into the world, cradled in the loving arms of one of our cherished mothers. Meet Xyleia (zi-lay-ah), the newest member of our VAWFSC family, was born eight weeks early, weighing 3lb 6oz. As she embarks on her journey towards resilience in the NICU, both mother and daughter find comfort and peace in the compassionate care provided by our team. This is the essence of our mission at VAWFSC—offering sanctuary and support to women and families in need. As this brave new family takes their first steps forward, we kindly ask that you hold them close in your prayers and thoughts. Late into the night, the mother woke and reached out to our residents, who swiftly rallied by her side to offer solace and solidarity in her time of need. We are so thankful to nurture community where mothers can lean on one another for support in times of need. Mom has shown remarkable improvement since then. In the coming days, she will return home, balancing her time between caring for herself and visiting her baby in the hospital over the next five weeks as they both rest and recover. If you wish to lend a hand by providing meals, groceries, or transportation to and from the hospital for the mother, please consider signing up below.

Special Notes

If you are able to provide groceries, our mom would love fresh produce (cut-up fruit and veggies, chicken, pasta, healthy snacks, etc.)