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Sharing the love for Pam, Alex, and baby Xander!

San Francisco, CA


Thank you Everyone for sending Pam, Alex, and Xander all your love! As with all new parents, this is an exciting, exhausting and challenging time. Every pregnancy can be difficult in its own right, but Pam and Alex have definitely been through a lot delivering this handsome bundle of Joy. To help them have one less thing to think about during this time, we've created a page for friends and family to sign up to send low sodium meals (homemade, through meal delivery services, or through food-related gift cards). Of course, everyone's well wishes and love are more than enough but if you want and are able to help out a little extra, this is the place to do it!

Special Notes

Guidelines: - Meal delivery windows are currently set at 4 hours, however this is relatively flexible. The goal is to send them enough food for leftovers so that they're not living from meal to meal. For example, if you signed up for lunch and dinner on one day, no need to drop by twice - you can make one big meal drop off. If you're not in the area, this is a great way to save on Doordash fees, too. Drop by when you can on the day that you sign up for! - The gorgeous new mama needs to eat healthy. Please try to keep meals low-sodium. Also, we need some help making sure that Freddie gets some love and walks during this time - please text Alex if you're around and able to help out with exercising this lovable floofball Have logistical questions or having trouble with this website? Text Jen Wan (206.963.6909) or Patricia Iluore (323.252.4474)

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