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Love for Michelle


I am reaching out to you on behalf of my sister, Michelle, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer and is facing a challenging journey ahead. For years, Michelle dedicated her life to helping others in the physical therapy industry, extending a helping hand to those in need. Now, she finds herself in a situation where she could use the support she so selflessly gave to others. Michelle is not one to ask for help herself, but her strength and resilience are inspiring. As she embarks on this difficult path of cancer treatments and home health care, we are rallying together to provide the assistance she deserves. When Michelle comes home she will need assistance. The family plans to use a combination of professional care and the help of friends/family. If you are able to commit to sitting with Michelle during the day for company and to assist with any of her personal needs, the family would certainly appreciate it! Any time you would like to spend with Michelle is appreciated! She loves to spend time with family and friends! We are using this platform to schedule help in the home. Please sign up for the days/times you will be able to come sit with Michelle. Let's join hands and help Michelle in her journey toward healing. Daryl

Special Notes

The family is asking to please refrain from bringing flowers as this causes Michelle to cough.

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