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Martinez, CA


I started this page so can get all the support that giveninkind has to offer I Got diagnosed with postpartum depression and my daughter won’t be home for until after December or somewhere after December supposed to be born October 5 At times I don’t want to get up because I have no motivation and I need help with maybe dinner feeding my daughter she’s 4 1/2 and feeding my family so I am right now it’s tough times and I just need to help like meals and maybe take my dog for a waLk. sometimes I need someone to watch my daughter I’ve been coming from Martinez to UCSF every single day since she was born but I do need help in a a lot of things in

Special Notes

I'm.on a Diabetic diet that means I can’t have too much Carbs my daughter like salmon chicken a teak cooked mushrooms love mash potatoes cottage cheese n cheese macaroni and we have no doos allergies bit we don't like raw or cooked onions or any any other onions greeN onions We don’t like any onions on any of our foods

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