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Meal Train for Marjorie and Cory

Richardson, TX


Holland has been Earth side for two whole weeks and mom and dad are doing a fantastic job getting Holland used to her new digs. To let them think of one less thing, I am starting this meal train so loved ones (a.k.a. chosen family) can lend a hand with a home cooked/store/restaurant bought meal.

Special Notes

Gift Cards are also available to send to the family. Marjorie cannot eat any foods with food coloring (food dyes) on them. (ie. mac n'cheese has to be dye free so she can eat it, no sprinkles on cupcakes or any dyes on desserts/candies to give an idea) Cory LOVES On The Border.... Pick 2 beef enchiladas and Pick 2 beef/chicken empanadas would be a hit. Or any food items from there. They enjoy any type of Italian food. Ice Cream (again no food dyes)  Sonny Bryans or any type of BBQ Mashed Potato's, pork chops, fried chicken and fried okra are also great ideas.

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