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Love for Chris, Supporting the Pasula’s

Manhattan Beach, CA


Hi, As everyone is aware, our dear friend Chris Pasula was diagnosed with breast cancer. Positive news is that it is Stage 1 HER2 neg and ER positive which are all best case scenario’s. Surgery is scheduled for January 10th with a lumpectomy and reduction. Our girls boobs will be HIGH and TIGHT!! Can’t wait to grab those puppies!! Radiation may occur after surgery. Recovery is A few weeks. I will try and post updates. I added dinner deliveries but please feel free and add whatever you can or as additional. Let’s all gather around Chris and her family and show how much we love them. I know everyone is busy so I thank you in advance for your time, money and support!!

Special Notes

Drop off of food would be greatly appreciated between 4PM and 5PM. I suggest keeping the menu basic. Some ideas are Sweet greens, Rabano, Martha’s, CPK, North End Cafe and Beach pizza. If you have any questions, please try and communicate those to Chris before 1/10.

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