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Baby Mina Love's Meal Train

Chicago, IL


We're overjoyed to share the wonderful surprise of Baby Mina's early arrival! Rob, Amber, and big sister Joy are eagerly preparing to welcome the newest addition to their family. To support them during this special time, we're organizing a Meal Train to ensure they have nourishing meals and all the love they need. If you'd like to contribute to this celebration, please consider providing a meal, purchasing items from their registry, or offering gift cards. Additionally, any donation towards a doula would be incredibly appreciated. Let's join hands and surround the Nanton family with warmth and care as they bring Baby Mina Joy home. Your generosity means the world to them. A heartfelt thanks from the Nanton family, Rob, Amber, Joy, and Baby Mina Love

Special Notes

Baby Mina Love's Registry We are excited to expect another girl that we know will end up being Joy's lifelong best friend. Please join us in preparing and praying for baby "Mina" meaning love, beauty, and sky.

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