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Meal Train for Baby Arrival

Richmo, IN


Hey everyone! My postpartum client is welcoming a beautiful baby into the world, and we want to show our love and support by organizing a meal train. Let's come together as a community and help make their lives a little easier during this special time. We're looking for volunteers to whip up some delicious meals that the new parents can enjoy without the stress of cooking. Whether it's a hearty casserole, comforting soup, or a scrumptious dessert, every dish will be greatly appreciated. If you'd like to participate, simply let us know which day you'd like to contribute and what kind of meal you'll be preparing. She is due mid April and I will be preparing meals while I’m there, so this will be for after my time with her is done! My plan is to set up drop offs or come to get the meals for momma! I think that is the best way so strangers aren’t showing up to her door while the family is adjusting to life with a new baby! Thank you all for your kindness and generosity!

Special Notes

There are no allergies in the family. They do not like quinoa. There is also a two year old! If you need healthy and nutritious recipes, that will assist in healing the postpartum body, just shoot me a message!

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