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Supporting Delightful DeLisa

Saint Cloud, FL


Amazing Army mom, dedicated wife and fabulous friend, DeLisa Donnelly and her family need our support as they navigate the uncertainties of chemotherapy, surgery and recovery in her battle with cancer. From our fortuitous meeting on the soccer fields of St. Cloud Soccer Club in 2004 and the discovery of our daughters sharing the same birthday (hooray for November 9th!), our families have celebrated many blessings and a few challenges. We have experienced what is possible when we are uplifted in prayer and united to support our loved ones. If you're interested in providing a meal for 2 or helping out with some light yardwork, please check the calendar on this page and sign up! DeLisa and her family greatly appreciate prayers for strength, guidance, support, healing and a cure for cancer. May God be with them.

Special Notes

DeLisa enjoys gluten-free, organic and non-gmo foods when possible. She is ALLERGIC to MUSHROOMS. Chicken, turkey and seafood are preferred proteins added recently to her diet. Vegetables (except mushroom) and fruits (except grapefruit) are among her favorite foods. She prefers plant based cheeses and cashew milk. Publix meals, subs, Bella Roma, China Taste and Meat N Fire are welcome take out meals.

Care Calendar