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Love for the Morgans

Leander, TX


... in a new city/state! As you may or may not know, the Morgans made a big move from Seattle to Texas last month. On top of that, they are expecting Baby Morgan #2 in just a few weeks! In fact, they are scheduled to deliver the baby on June 24th. Angie (Cindy's big sis), will be flying out for a few days to hang out with Josiah while mom and dad have the baby, but after 6/28, the Morgans are on their own. It takes a village, and they could use as much help as they can! If you can, please support them in the following ways:  - Choose a date on the Calendar to provide dinner on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. Most of us cannot physically deliver the meal, so meal deliveries are just as great. Please read the description for food preferences, and communicate with Jay via phone or text to coordinate delivery times (Jay - 206-251-4179)  - Check out their Wishlist for various gift cards they could use.   - Support their home care fund to help them with miscellaneous expenses as they come up. Cindy is the primary income earner, and maternity leave will only last for so long before she has to go back to work. Every little bit helps! Thank you for taking time to be there for the Morgans! They would never ask for help, so I am taking the lead on this :) Even if you cannot provide a single thing, your prayers move mountains for the Morgans. Sincerely, Angie and Sarah - the sisters (253-389-9369)

Special Notes

NOTES FOR FOOD: Dietary Restrictions: None Favorite foods: sushi, BBQ, salad/sandwiches, fruit Favorite restaurants: not sure! open to new foods NOTES FOR HOME CARE FUND: *This fund is support home needs the Morgans may have such as an occasional house cleaning or bills they didn't expect* Venmo: @Cindy-Kim89 CONTACT INFO: Jay - 206-251-4179 Angie - 253-389-9369 ([email protected]

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