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Baby Pozzesi Meal Train

Redmond, OR


Help Rachel and Nathan welcome Baby Pozzesi into the world! We all know how exciting and challenging the first few weeks with a newborn can be, so we’d like to support the parents-to-be by sending some nourishing food their way. Rachel and Nathan would appreciate meal support in whatever capacity you would like to give: grocery delivery service, a gift card for delivered take-out, or a home-cooked celiac-friendly meal dropped off on their front porch. Please review the Special Instructions section below for a list of their dietary restrictions and favorite restaurants. Any digital gift cards can be sent to [email protected]

Special Notes

DIETARY RESTRICTIONS: Both Rachel and Nathan have a strict allergy to gluten and require meals to be celiac-friendly, meaning no cross-contamination in either preparation or cooking. Because of the severity of their sensitivity to gluten, please only consider a home-cooked meal if you personally have a gluten allergy or have a gluten free family member to avoid accidental cross-contamination or hidden gluten-containing ingredients. Also, while Rachel breastfeeds, she will be limiting carbs, sugar, and most dairy (goat or nut-based cheese is ok). Keto or paleo style meals would be best in this case. MEAL PREFERENCES While recovering postpartum, nutritious meals with organic vegetables and protein are preferred. Lily Nichols RD who wrote Real Foods for Pregnancy has some fabulous postpartum recovery recipes on her blog. FAVORITE HEALTHY GF RESTAURANTS: Initiative Brewing, Cascade Alchemy Bowls, Terra Kitchen, Chipotle, Cafe Yum, Active Culture, Spork, Crave Artisan Kitchen, La Rosa, Zydeco, Blissful Spoon, or Sunriver Brewing Company. MEAL DELIVERY SERVICES Meal delivery services are welcome! Companies that offer healthy gluten-free options include: Hungry Root and Daily Harvest. DELIVERY PREFERENCES: While Rachel, Nathan, and Baby bond as a family of three, please kindly drop any meals off at the front door with a text message notifying them of delivery. Please text them for their address. THANK YOU!

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