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Supporting the Jacksons

Colorado Springs, CO


Dear Beloved Family and Friends, As we welcome our little one into the world, we are immensely grateful to have such a wonderful support system in our lives. Your willingness to stand by us during the recovery period means more than words can express. Knowing that we have your love, encouragement, and assistance as we navigate the early days of parenthood brings us great comfort. Whether it's a warm meal, a helping hand, or simply a listening ear, your support is a gift beyond measure. We look forward to creating beautiful memories as a family, and your presence in our lives makes this journey all the more special. Thank you for being the village that surrounds us during this joyous and transformative time. With heartfelt appreciation, Alana and Julian Jackson

Special Notes

Julian and I will need time to rest and bond with the baby. We encourage shorter visits during the initial weeks, as getting sufficient rest is important for our recovery and the baby's well-being. Unexpected visits can be challenging during this period. We request that family and friends give a heads up before planning a visit. We have a separate calendar for visits, with a specific visiting schedule that allows us to settle into a routine. If you are interested in getting onto our calendar, please reach out to Julian Jackson at the alternative number provided.

Care Calendar