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Angelique’s having surgery help page

Gardener, KS


Angelique Campbell is having surgery on her neck. She will have 3 weeks of recovery. During her recovery doctors have asked her to forgo all her normal duties at home including picking up baby Aesyn and cooking for her family. Starting Mon, Sept 16 we are needing 3 big meals a week for 3 weeks to feed a family of 8. Her 2nd need is to have help during the day until her older kids get home from school. If you can, please contact her! Thank you!

Special Notes

Pizza and Rotisserie chicken are a favorite with the children. Asian influenced foods are enjoyed as well. Any gluten free and chicken free option for Angelique is appreciated but she says her main concern is the children getting a good meal. Foil disposable pans or some type of disposable containers would be preferred. Please call or text Julia Reams with questions. 816-695-5743

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