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Let's Support Sabrina!

Seattle, WA


We're organizing this site to support our friend, Sabrina Booth, while she is undergoing treatment and surgeries for advanced breast cancer. She also has an ongoing Go Fund Me page at Per her son, Dylan: This has been a difficult time for my mom, as she has always been healthy and self-sufficient and prefers to help others than ask for help. This is why I’m organizing this fundraiser with her permission as she is currently without resources. My mother worked hard her entire adult life, but due to illness she is unable to work now and needs assistance to help alleviate financial stress and cover her needs why she battles this illness. She has gone through entire savings and all available resources. She lost her premium health insurance which she paid for, and there’s now a gap in services. She is too fatigued to get groceries or make meals. If you know my mother, you know that she is the first to offer help when she sees someone in need. She is a very loyal, kind, and caring person, and she usually puts her family before her own needs. I want her to stick around longer and continue to be my mother and friend. We very much appreciate any way you're able to contribute, as well as any positive messages and prayers for my mom’s recovery. We can use every bit of positivity right now. Thank you!

Special Notes

Please know that you can contribute to shopping (meals from the store (Organic, ideally Whole Foods or PCC). Please text Sabrina or go off the items here on the list. Just sign up on the calendar. Alternatively, you can provide a door dash gift card or visa that she'll use to order to her liking. Note: avoid any foods with strong odors! If you are providing directly, here are a few of her requests: Flavored Sparkling Water - watermelon, black cherry, orange vanilla, grapefruit, and lime. Berries of all kinds Siggis Yogurt - vanilla, berry, strawberry Plain Bagels Organic Chicken Bone Broth Mixed Greens Apples Almond Butter For meals - Vietnamese, Thai - particularly dishes with chicken, rice, and veggies, and quinoa-based dishes Chicken and fish, no shellfish. Please put any sauces on the side. No Chinese Tex Mex is good, but nothing fried Mediterranean style or grilled She avoids pizza and pasta type dishes unless it’s gluten friendly/free. She can eat food that’s been breaded without issue. Korean bimibap bowls with a fried egg and tofu for protien, and Vietnamese vermicelli bowl with grilled chicken or tofu, or baked potato without bacon, Indian food with chicken or tofu, mild spice, same for Thai, rice or rice noodle and chicken or tofu. She likes most hippy-type food like bowls with beans and rice and whatnot. ** She likes food in the Whole Foods hot food deli area, vegetarian food in general. oatmeal Almond milk & oat milk. Farm raised eggs Most veggies She loves juicing/ carrots, ginger, apples, celery, kale, and beets.

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