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Meal Train for Greta and David Bennett

Kennesaw, GA


Hello Friends and Family! Many of you have already reached out to Greta & David with offers to drop off food- WOW!!!! The family plans to bring home baby this week so I am starting meals to be delivered on Friday! Here you can sign up to drop off a delicious meal on a particular day, or if you are from far away, have something delivered! Doordash, Whole Foods, Honey Baked Ham and Spoonful of Comfort are some of the companies that can deliver on a certain day for the new parents. Arrival time: 12 pm- 6:30pm Upon arrival or soon to be arrival: text David you are there/on your way (843) 478-6357 Once you have arrived: come up to front porch and if the parents can wave to you through the screen door, and show you the new bundle of joy, they will!!! If you just want to drop off your meal, that works too!

Special Notes

Please: no fish! Also: The new parents have requested meals to include a balance of healthy and indulgent to fuel them on their new adventure! Thank you so much for helping feed and nourish the Bennett Family while they rock it as new parents!!!!!

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