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Officer Xavier Morales

Weatherford, TX


As many of you may have heard, Officer Xavier Morales #4229 was involved in a vehicle crash while on duty early Friday morning on I-35 near Downtown Fort Worth. Fortunately, Officer Morales is now recovering at home! He is still on the road to recovery. As you can imagine, his wife, Sonia, is overjoyed that her husband is home and recovering.  At this time, Sonia mentioned that the best way to offer our help is by helping her with dinners. If any further needs are identified, we will make sure to pass them along.  

Special Notes

All gifts cards sent through this website will go straight to Officer Morales' wife, Sonia's email. *** THERE ARE FOOD ALLERGIES*** Officer Morales twin boys are allergic to the following -Nuts -Wheat -Eggs -Coconut -Pineapple

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