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Supporting the Nowaks


Fight for Mia! I created this page for my dear friend AJ and his daughter Mia. This page is meant to help the family during this difficult time as they fight for sweet Mia to beat her battle against cancer. You to send gift cards and also donate to her go fund me page on this site. I know even if you can not donate that prayers for the family is greatly appreciated. <3

Special Notes

The easiest way to send gift cards. whether it be target, door dash or ect., is to go to the tab ways to help on the right hand corner and go down to gift types. at that point you just click on what you want to send and AJ's email will be there for you to send it to. Unfortunately there is not a way to add two email addresses so if you need Anne Marie's then message me and I can send you that. Thank you again for all your help

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