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Steilacoom Supports the Roberts Family 👪 ❤

Lakewood, WA


Hello Everyone 👋 My family and I lost everything in the fire this morning(Sept 02 2021)..We are the Roberts Family on Beech Ave in the town of Steilacoom. Some of you may know us as we have lived in that house for the last 12 years. I was stationed here while serving in the Army and never left our beautiful town. It was recommended by our neighbors to join this group. We are a family of 5 myself, My husband Brian, our two children Maalik (12years) is attending Pioneer Middle school he wears adult XL & Kaliyah (10 years) She wears Ladies XL. Attending Salters Point and then we have Mom which is the grandparent you may know her as the Korean Kimchi lady she's a size Ladies Small. Right now we are asking for mainly clothes for the kids as we put our life back together one day at a time..We all made it out safely by the grace of God we are still alive and we just want to Thank you all for anything that helps 🙏 .

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