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Caring for the Cooks


Hey everyone! The calendar begins on September 23rd. It gives you 3 options to choose from: Delivery, Drop Off and Gift Card. The Gift Card option defaults to Uber Eats, Grub Hub and Door Dash. We have confirmed she will be able to use all 3 of these in her area. If you need her address, please contact --- If departments want to get together and do a gift card, the card will directly go to her email which is linked. Corinne in Radiology will be dropping off Friday night, September 24th. If anyone else is interested in this, you're welcome to give it to her to take. We can stock her fridge! You would just need to sign up for a day near that and let her know that you'd like to send food with her. Also if you'd like to offer a cooked meal, when she returns to work, it could be sent home with her. Please feel share this link with anyone that you'd like. We love Madelyn and as part of her #MLHFamily, we are here for her!

Care Calendar