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The Valimonts’ Support Page: Love for Brian, Gay, & Eli

Naples, FL


In March of 2020, Brian realized that he could no longer run when out on a walk with his wife Gay and son Eli. He then started to slur his speech, so a doctor's visit was in order. After months of a myriad of tests, Brian was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) for which there is no cure and no effective treatments. Brian has slowly lost the ability to walk and talk, requiring a wheelchair and technology to help him speak. As if Brian's diagnosis wasn't bad enough, in March of 2021, Eli exhibited what appeared to be Bell's Palsy symptoms with a drooping left side of his face. However, when at school Eli lost his balance and fell. After picking him up and taking him to the hospital, he was airlifted to Miami where the doctor's advised that Eli had an inoperable brain tumor. Eli passed away at nine years old, just six months after his diagnosis. After they lost Eli, Gay and Brian relocated from Naples, FL to Covington, LA to be near family and for Brian to receive the best possible care. Brian is now in the final stages of ALS and receiving hospice care at their home. Through it all, Gay has been the rock of the family, but even rocks can sometimes crumble. She is doing her best, but she will need help. This page is setup to allow all of the people in their lives to help them get through these incredibly difficult times.

Special Notes

Right now, gift cards for meal delivery would be most helpful for Gay. If you would like to buy an electronic gift card, please send to [email protected]. For updates, please visit their CaringBridge website:

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