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Support for Melissa, Jeffrey and Zachary

Machesney Pk, IL


As most of you know many years ago Missy and the boys were in an accident that left her so severely injured that she shouldn’t be with us. Massive brain and body injury that should have taken her life. She fought her way back to be able to raise her boys! Her oldest was paralyzed from the accident and both of the twins had their own recovery. Not long ago we found out that Jeffrey has Leukemia! With God’s grace he has been fighting it in true form like a champ. The final blow was Last Thursday night. Peyton lost his life in another car accident at the young age of 21. Lots of you have been wanting to help lighten the burden and send food. Here is a way to sign up for a night that works best for you and you can also see what is being donated to lessen the amount of duplicates as well. Gifts cards are also very welcome to various restaurants, walmart or even a Visa gift card.

Special Notes

When donating a meal please have it enough to feed four as her dad will be with her most nights as well.  Paper goods are also appreciated to save her from having to wash a bunch of dishes.  Gift cards are appreciated as well. Jeffrey and Zacharys favorite places to eat out are Jersey Mike’s, Domino’s & Papa John’s Other restaurants near by include: Applebee’s, Chili’s, McDonalds, Beef-A-Roo, Panera, Arby’s, KFC, Panda Express, Subway & Happy Wok Walmart gift cards for groceries are also helpful  

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