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Support for Cynthia and Harley Buzzard

Eucha, OK


Love for Cynthia and Harley Buzzard as they adjust and wait for Cynthia to heal from a recent diagnosis of a Brain Bleed. Let's rally around them and show them how loved they are! Right now we want to make sure they are well-fed. Cynthia went into the hospital on Monday, March 15th at WW Hastings where they ran multiple tests and did a CT scan when they found her Brain bleed, she was then transported to St. Francis Hospital and remained in the hospital until Sunday, March 21st. We still have no answers as to why this happened, as the doctors were stumped because her vitals are all perfect. She did have a left eye vision impairment which was caused by the bleed. She is under doctor's orders to take it easy, no cooking, cleaning, or casino (LOL). She does have her sense of humor and you just might get a crazy phone call from her if she is feeling up to it, as I witnessed this in the hospital.

Special Notes

There are no dietary restrictions but please know they generally share their food so no need for large portions... Due to the pandemic and doctor's order of rest, we would ask that you please drop food off with Shunda Handle-Davis. You can reach her at 918-353-2252 Once Cynthia is feeling better I know she would more than welcome visitors! She was already calling friends who she had promised to take to her favorite cafe in Southwest City to reschedule their date.

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