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Safe Housing for Family of 6


Meet Malcolm, Keeonna and their 4 young children, ages 8, 2, and 1-year-old twins. This family is experiencing homelessness despite their best efforts. After being displaced from their home due to renovations on the entire community, they are now living in their van. With rent and living costs skyrocketing, find a place is challenging. Hotel costs were not reasonable to keep up with so van life was the only option. Their dream? To purchase an RV and live off the grid, surrounded by nature - But, they need your help! Every donation counts to make this dream a reality and provide a safe, stable home for their family. After this loss and extensive research they are ready to make a home on wheels a reality just not in a minivan, an RV will give them all of the things they need that they would have in a house - minus the increasing rent and utility prices. ✅ Your donation will help with temporary housing, purchasing an RV, cover insurance, vehicle repairs and/or upgrade and every day essentials for the little ones.

Special Notes

- Plant based family. Doordash gift cards greatly appreciated. - Breastfeeding twins is already a big task, doing so in a van is even more challenging. Items that support this ,such as food/snacks, to keep milk supply up and updated breast pump is crucial - New car seats for the twins - Clothing for girls size 12 months, 7/8 in girls and 2T for boy - No address for packages unless done through an Amazon locker/hub (wishlist available upon request) - An Airbnb is a great supportive tool for us to get some good rest

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