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Ashland, OR


This page is dedicated to those impacted by the fires in Southern Oregon and are looking for meal support. You will scroll through MANY families impacted and drop off locations vary but as you continue to scroll you will see different dates and the same people. Please note that the location is in the meal title, following the number impacted and address. If you would like to get your friends or loved ones added to this list please message us directly here. If you are interested in sending food from a delivery service you can arrange that here as well.

Special Notes

Please note that many of these families do not have access to plates, silverware, or glassware. Please consider bringing them with you. Please see the details on each location where the guests are located and any special diets. IF delivering to a hotel please drop off at the front desk directly. Please note that the headcount will be updated by 9pm the day PRIOR to delivery. Please check the site for any last minute changes. If your headcount changes and you aren't able to accommodate, DON'T PANIC! We have support restaurants waiting to assist. Just email us at [email protected] and we can make sure they still get taken care of. THANK YOU TO ALL OUR WONDERFUL VOLUNTEERS OUT THERE!

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