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Supporting Rachel Mack and Family

Whitehall, MI


As many already know, Rachel has been sick for awhile, not able to hold food or liquids down, which ultimately made her best friend and daughter make her go into the emergency room. While there, a tumor was discovered which led to surgery. Surgery meant her losing part of her colon, intestine and one ovary. The tumor was tightly situated, and we pray all contained and caught, but we are still waiting on the biopsy reports. Rachel has 3 kids and a husband at home who also need your help. Keith, her husband, just returned to work on the the 7th of May and Rachel has not gotten paid since she went off from work with complications from this. Rachel and Keith have a daughter, Aleigha that is graduating from Whitehall High School this year and an open house scheduled for June 26 that has been planned but is still up in the air, as her Mom waits on the outcome of her biopsy and what she will have to do to regain her lifestyle moving forward. Rachel and Keith also have 2 sons, one (Jaxon) who is playing baseball and is in need of rides to and from games and someone to cheer him on. Their other son, Darnell, is involved in Bible studies and worries about his Mom incessantly. They need our help, but we cannot help as much as we would like as we live in FL. We are asking for help for them to help with bills that are piling up, food, gas, etc. Please give from your heart. This family always helps others in need but now need help themselves. If you cannot give please pray. They can all use prayers, especially now. Thank you, so much!

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