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Meal Train For Nana & Papa

Jacksonville, FL


The enemy has tried SO hard these past few weeks to destroy our family. But GOD is so GOOD ❤ Even when we don't understand. We have been very private about everything going on. But this week the man who helped raise my sister and I, drove 38472984 miles and paid a HUGE phone bill just to talk to me, let me dance on his toes, nana had to get rid of her dog bc it bit me 🙃(she wont let me live it down) LOL ❤ Today he starts THE FIGHT of 12 weeks of chemo, and radiation fighting TWO diff types of Cancer. So I'm asking you to keep my papa, nana and our entire family in your prayers as we are fighting with him!! ❤ ❤ If you know my papa then you know he's the KINDEST person you will ever meet. We will post a meal train to help out with dinners once things get settled. If you want to sign up that would be amazing, if not PRAY! ❤ you can never have TOO many prayers. Thank you all- We love you Cancer YOU PICKED THE WRONG one!!

Special Notes

It is getting a little tougher for Papa to swallow now. If you can not send a meal, please keep him in your prayers. He has 2 1/2 Weeks to go. He does radiation for 5 days a week, and chemo every week.

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