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Supporting Angie Lewis and Family

Sebastopl, CA


Susie Raymond (Angie's mom) is suffering from a rare form of brain cancer. We are asking for food deliveries for Angie and Family to help make their days a bit easier.

Special Notes

A cooler will be placed in their front yard and we ask that dinners are dropped off by 6pm. Earlier okay. Please feel free to add notes with your food and well wishes for the family. Text messages and notes with the food are welcome. Please make sure all food delivered is in either disposable containers or ones that don't need to be returned. Justin and boys love meat and potato type meals with veggies on the side. Angie is strictly gluten free and good at making accommodations for herself aka don't need to make gluten free for everyone. With 7 in their household, we ask that portions are doubled. Perhaps friends can prepare food together so one person donates the main portion and another person donates the side dishes. There is also option for Breakfast and Snack deliveries. For all dishes, please keep veggies on the side (not mixed in unless pureed). Also not fans of raw onions and definitely not peas. Ideas for favorite things are: Spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread. Xtra meat sauce on side for Angie. Meat and potatoes with veggies on side Rotisserie chickens with sides Mac and cheese casserole Turkey meatballs, meatloaf Corn on the cob Caesar salad - the boys favorite!! Salads in general for Angie (Trader Joes pre packed salads are great) If doing food delivery - pepperoni pizza and salad, regular chicken burritos (no salsa/veggies). In N Out Burger - Boys get regular cheeseburgers (no onions), Angie gets a lettuce wrap and Justin gets a double double. MEALS FOR SUSIE & GEORGE - Light dinners for two requested. Anti-inflammatory food (no dairy, gluten, etc). In disposable or reusable dishes that don't have to be returned. SNACK BASKETS - Prepackaged snacks such as veggie straws, any chips, Z bars and other granola bars, Cheese its, Fruit, Pirates Booty, organic fruit snacks, Annies fruit tape, Kettle chips, etc. If buying in bulk, please make sure that boxes have qty 6. Lacroix drinks (Angie loves Lemoncello Lacroix), Zevia sodas, Honest Kids fruit drinks. Snack baskets can get dropped off anytime. BREAKFAST BASKETS - Muffins, fruit, yogurt, juice, etc. Breakfast baskets can be dropped off by 7:30am or the night before. We say baskets but really all the stuff in grocery bags is fine. Finally, the family is accepting gift cards for convenience items such as meal delivery, Target, Starbucks, etc. For those wishing to donate cash to help with gas and other expenses, Venmo is @Angelina-Lewis-4. Thank you so much for your contributions.

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