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Lea Smith Support and Meal Train


As most of you know Lea has been struggling with a mystery infection since late October that is now believed to be fungal meningitis. The healing time for this is unknown and can stretch out for quite a long time. She has at a minimum, a few months ahead of her of treatments, healing and various dr. appointments etc. She can't drive during this time and has a hard time with some motor activities such as typing and texting, which is impacting her ability to take care of meals and get out and about independently. Recently this is really impacting her mental health as she has to take a leave of absence from her job. I am setting up this network to hope to coordinate and rally some support for her, to help keep her spirits up as she navigates the process. Whether it is a phone call, a visit, a walk or a meal, lets all pitch in to help when our schedules allow. Thank you all for helping. I know Lea will be mortified that something like this is being setup (IYKYK) but hey, this is what friends are for and Lea is one of the best!

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If you all have any other ideas for adding to the calendar, please let me know!

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