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Supporting the Pulrang’s

Eden Prairie, MN


Hello! So many people have genuinely asked how they can help so Marty and I thought a website like this would be a great help. Marty and I will keep this site updated as I know so many of you care. It all started with yearly mammogram followed by a second confirmation followed by a biopsy. On July 21, I got news I didn’t want but always felt was coming. It appears we caught the cancer early and it remains in my ducts. This will be confirmed following surgery and when the pathology report is completed. It was recommended by 3 surgeons that a double mastectomy is the best option since the biopsy’s showed I have an aggressive grade, estrogen positive in combination with the BRCA 1 mutation. On Monday, August 30, I am scheduled for a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. I have been told recovery is 6-8 weeks. When we asked the Dr’s what I will need the doctor recommended meals, meals, meals. I really don’t know what to expect except I do know that this is not bigger than the God who made me. I have awesome family and friends who have wrapped their loving arms around me and I want to thank you in advance for helping carrying me through this though time for me and my family.

Special Notes

Please no seafood food and all food has to be nut free due to allergies. If you have any doubt, please call first. There may be days, I just may not be able to visit. We will have a cooler outside for you to put the meal in. Please know, its not that I dont want to visit, its just I may not be able to visit but we appreciate and thank you for what you are doing. Please no sick visitors.

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