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Welcoming Baby Harmony-Meal Train & Postpartum Care

Chatsworth, GA


We are so excited to be welcoming baby Harmony home! If you’d like to join in showering Mom,Dad & Baby Harmony with love please look around this page. Friends & family can sign up for the Meal Train for Haley & Ethan. It will start this Friday. That way they can have a little time to get settled in at home. If Mom & Baby are resting please leave the meal with Ethan. But if they feel up to it I’m sure they’d be happy for a little visit. I’ve listed on this page food & restaurant suggestions along with other things that could be helpful during this postpartum time for Mom. If you’d like to help but live far off or it’s just easier for you then you can find the link on this page to send a gift card. They are under the link titled Wish List. & of course most importantly we appreciate your love & prayers in this new season of their life!

Special Notes

Meal Train suggestions: -Panera Bread’s Tomato Soup -Fruit to snack on -Frozen fruit & other ingredients for healthy smoothies. -Lasagna -Chicken Casserole -Hashbrown Casserole -Mexican food -Comfort food, veggies & salads -chips & spinach dip -Hot wings for Dad -bottle water *No Seafood -Favorite Restaurants: Logan’s Roadhouse, Zaxbys, Western Sizzling,Longhorn, Olive Garden,Chick Fil A, China Garden, Chili’s Other things that may be helpful during this postpartum time for Mom: -Vitamin C -Elderberry syrup -Prenatal Vitamins -Disposable plates,bowls, cups & silverware -Quick & healthy snacks for nursing mom -cute water bottle -Traditional Medicals Mother’s Milk Tea -breast pads -comfy socks or slippers -books, magazines & DVDs -dry shampoo -cute pony tail holders -chapstick

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