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Love for Baby Girl Harris!

Los Angeles, CA


Dear Friends and Family, Welcome to Whitney's Meal Train! As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of Whitney's little bundle of joy, we want to ensure that she feels loved, supported, and nourished during this special time in her life. Whitney is not just a dear friend; she's someone whose warmth, kindness, and love have touched each of us in profound ways. As Whitney embarks on this beautiful journey of growing her family, it's crucial for us to come together and show her just how much she means to us. Transitioning into parenthood can be both exciting and overwhelming, and we want to make sure Whitney feels empowered and cared for every step of the way. We believe that supporting mothers during the transition into growing their family is not just important—it's essential. It's about offering a helping hand, sharing in their joy, and letting them know they're not alone on this incredible journey. Through this Meal Train, we have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in Whitney's life. Whether it's by preparing a homemade meal, sharing a favorite recipe, or offering words of encouragement, every gesture, no matter how small, will make a world of difference to Whitney and her growing family. So let's come together and shower Whitney with love, warmth, and delicious meals. Let's show her just how much she is cherished and appreciated. Together, we can make this transition a little bit easier and a whole lot more joyful for our dear friend. Thank you for being a part of Whitney's village and for your unwavering support during this special time. With love, Lindsay

Special Notes

No Food Allergies for Whitney No Dairy for Dan or Cam (but Cam can have butter).

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