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Love for Ray

Angleton, TX


My dad has a mass in his esophagus.  The doctors confirmed it is cancer via biopsy.  In the coming weeks, he will undergo some procedures and treatment that will be very difficult.  We have faith that God will take care of Daddy and provide for him and Mom.   My parents have served and loved so many over the years.  My dad has always dropped everything to take care of and provide for his family.  He does not need to be asked to do things, he just does them.   He and my mom are both currently unable to work as he undergoes treatment and then recovery.  We do not know what this will look like.  I’d like to raise some funds so they do not have to worry about rent, utilities, or travel expenses back and forth to the hospital.  

Special Notes

Please check in with me if you’d like to send messages to our family. I will provide contact information if it is a good time.