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Feeding the Gravens

Charleston, SC


Around two years ago, Ben was diagnosed with testicular cancer that was swiftly resolved with surgery. Unfortunately, on a recent CT scan he was found to have a recurrence of cancer involving his lymph nodes. He will be undergoing chemo infusions M-F every few weeks for the next few months. We all know Ben is the cook in the Graven household, so our goal is to have dinner prepared/delivered/provided to them on the days they spend at the infusion center and the weeks following, as outlined in the calendar below.

Special Notes

Because Ben and Britt need to limit their exposure to germs, dinner drop-offs will need to be as contact-less as possible! They will leave a cooler in their carport for deliveries to keep food hot/cold. If you or someone in your family is sick around the time of your dinner duties, please swap days with someone else or consider sending a doordash/uber eats instead! I (Jen Pedersen) work in Mt Pleasant M-F and will happily take dinners to them as I live just down the street. If transportation after work is tricky for you and you live in Mt Pleasant, their meals can be given to me to take to them after work! TAKEOUT FAVORITES: Ben - General Tso's chicken and white rice Britt - Pad Thai w/ chicken or shrimp, Udon noodles with chicken or shrimp Both love: Thai noodle bowls, salads with lots of toppings and plenty of protein, Hawaiian pizza, sushi, chicken parmesan, anything from Jack of Cups Saloon VERY MILD OPTIONS RECOMMENDED BY MEDICAL TEAM: Skinless chicken/turkey (baked or broiled), baked fish, lean beef Pasta with unseasoned tomato sauce, noodles with low-fat milk/cream sauces Beef or vegetable soup, chicken and rice soup Lean proteins with rice that may be lightly seasoned Peaches, pears, peeled sliced apples, bananas (low-acidity fruits) Cooked carrots, green beans, asparagus, beets, baked or mashed potatoes Lunch meats, sandwiches

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