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Meal Train for The Wheeldon Family


Baby number two is expected to arrive 2/21 at the latest! In preparation Ian and I are asking that our friends and family help us out either by contributing to a meal train or visiting us after her arrival. Please do not feel obligated to contribute but know that if you do--we greatly appreciate it! Scout is going to have a really difficult time adjusting since we are not only bringing home another baby but I will be unable to carry/ lift her for 6 weeks after my C-section. I would greatly appreciate that anyone who comes to visit spends some quality time with Scout before wanting to see the baby.

Special Notes

Diet Notes- Ian has Celiac's Disease and can not have anything that contains gluten. There are a ton of naturally gluten free meals out there or recipes that I can provide substitutions for to make gluten free. Please feel free to ask me for a recipe or what can be used to substitute an item that contains gluten. Scout is allergic to egg and oats. She doesn't have a problem with foods that have egg baked into them. Scout is also dairy intolerant. We try to make meals that do not contain much dairy or use dairy substitutes. Please don't worry about this if you have a recipe that you would like to make that contains dairy-- I always have frozen/ alternative meals for her that she loves. It is flu season so if you are feeling under the weather please let me know. Our number one priority is keeping the little one healthy. Side Note- Please no kissing the little ones at this time.

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