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Hats for kids with cancer

colorado springs, CO


Hi I'm Teigan, because of covid me and my sister had a lot of free time. With that free time, we wanted to make a change. So we decided to make hats for the kids with cancer. So my sister and I helped around the house to earn money and we went out with all of the money and bought knitting circles, hooks, pompom makers, and lots and lots of yarn. We are waiting till all of the sicknesses slowdown to deliver all of the hats to the kids in the hospital. If you donate It will be spent on better softer yarn for the hats\pompoms. Thanks for taking the time to look over our page! love, Teiagn and Trista Neukom

Special Notes

if you would like to donate but it's not working pls contact 7194642971or 719-360-0949 email [email protected]

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