Pediatric Cancer
Best Gift Cards for Families Facing Pediatric Cancer

Pediatric cancer is an unimaginably painful diagnosis for the entire family. For friends and family members hoping to help, some of the best gifts address the recipients’ practical and emotional needs, as it is very common for the family facing pediatric cancer to endure significant amounts of stress from many different angles.

Creating a gift card train is one of the most effective ways to organize immediate support for families facing a pediatric cancer diagnosis, providing your recipients with the freedom to use however and whenever they need it. A robust gift card train can include a little something for everyone — encourage self-care for parents, give the gift of magic to the diagnosed child and/or siblings, or relieve the stress of what to do for dinner.

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Organizations like RMHC are an excellent resource for families needing lodging near a pediatric hospital. However, availability and instances when out-of-town family needs to come into town, lodging gift cards can be crucial when trying to find a place to stay near the hospital. 

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