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Help Janey kick cancers ass!!

Leavenworth, KS


Janey needs our help and support. I met Janey 20 something years ago when she was a 4 yr old child who attended the pre school I worked at. Janey became like a little sister to me and is a part of our family. She was 7 when she lost her mother to ovarian cancer. She was then raised by her grandmother whom she lost to cancer in 2014.   She then lost her father to lymphoma in 2018. Her entire life has been plagued by cancer. I don't want it to take anymore from her. She has two young girls age 2&4. She is a loving devoted mother. I don't want these girls to grow up with the same heartache that she did of losing a mother to young. Please help me raise the funds so she can survive the financial struggle of going through chemotherapy.  Thank you, JoAnn

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