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Supporting The Koonce Family šŸ§”


Hello , many have generously asked Karla if they can bring a meal to help the Koonce family during this time . Karla and Dan are overwhelmed with all of the love and support. The calls / text Ā / notes alone are nourishment to their souls . They are getting their friends are eager to serve . I encouraged Karla to let people help ! Contributing to meal delivery would be a great option . Karla stays with Dan until late , they have been eating dinner together at the hospital . In Ā order to limit contact with the outside , she has kept her interactions to a minimal , including going to restaurants , so they have opted to have them delivered to the Hospital. So if inclined they would welcome ( humbly and vulnerably ) a gift card .Ā 

Special Notes

Dan has been advised to not eat anything that has not been cooked ( including fresh produce ) .Ā  Ā