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Support & Love for Shawn Potter fearless cancer battles

New Boston, MI


Shawn been diagnosed with malignant Neoplasm of the right upper lob of his right lung <stage 2> on July 10th 2020.  Shawn has had surgery for a port installed in his chest and since then had many good & bad days, his bad days been a few chemo pauses due to low white blood cells and many times infections, he also had a 2nd surgery to replace his port due to a blood clot at end of tube. With all the good and bad days Shawn has continued to be a awesome fearless fighter!  Back in late July 2017 Shawn wasn't feeling well and walked himself into a E.R and upon tests doctors had found he had a artery 90% blocked and had surgery for a stint to be placed. January 2021 Doctors told Shawn he has Hidradenitis Suppurativa, and February 6th he was told his lung cancer has shrunk from 17.8 to 7.9. On the 17th of February 2021 Shawn let me know he was at Henryford Wyandotte hospital that hes been having severe head pains for 2 weeks, after doctors ran tests Shawn was hit with another blow.....metastatic brain lesions <stage 1>. Shawn is set up for neuro surgery March 3rd 2021 and was requested to pick up a medical walker per his doctors.

Special Notes

If able to donate to him theres a GoFundMe account listed on this page. Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated, if unable to donate please keep him in your thoughts and prayers

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