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Share the Love for the Van Beek Family

East Grand Forks, MN


As many of you know our dear friend, Traci was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis back in December. Since that time she has completed countless infusion treatments, endured many painful tests/procedures (one including being stuck in the eye with a needle for hours WITHOUT pain meds), had a scary tumor removed from her chest through a lengthy surgery at Mayo, has had more nights in the hospital than any of us would like for her, and through all of these hardships, she has maintained her beautiful smile and positive attitude. From what Traci shares some days are better than others, but the treatments and her body are still finding their way to solid recovery. With that being said, many of you know that Traci along with her rockstar hubby, Kent are not ones to ask for help, let alone accept it easily since they are often the ones giving to each of us!!!!!! After a few conversations and pushes by some friends, they have decided that one place we can lend a hand is through an evening meal. We all know that preparing a home cooked meal takes time to gather groceries, the energy to make the meal, and then there is always the “fun” part of cleanup. We figured this was an easy way for us to step in and share a bit of our energy with Traci so she can save hers for what matters most….her family, her recovery, and maybe a even a little downtime for herself!!!! If you are so inclined, please pick an evening you are willing to share a meal with the Van Beeks. We are encouraging anything home cooked, if possible. So let’s rally together and show the Van Beek crew how much we love them….🥰

Special Notes

And just in case you were wondering on what to possibly make, here are some helpful hints... The Van Beek crew loves😍.... * Pastas, or anything Italian * Soups * Mexican * Chinese / Sushi * Seafood of any kind * Softer things in general that don’t require repetitive chewing work best for Traci * They like things “saucey”…lol * and Cheese continues to be a close friend!!!! Not a fan of the following, so best to stay away from 👇... * Straight sour cream * Straight ranch * Zucchini * Cucumbers * Chocolate And last little side note, if you aren’t feeling well and are signed up for a meal, we encourage you to cancel, then let us know. We can easily come up with a last-minute plan to ensure the Van Beek crew doesn't go hungry!!!!. We just want to keep Traci and her family as healthy as possible 😊!!! THANKS much for helping us show this support and love!!!!!

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