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Let's Love On Melissa

Richmond, VA


Melissa is one of the most kindest, good-natured people that I know. She tackles life with a warm heart and friendly laugh and her sense of humor is contagious. She selflessly gives to others and quietly battles the hurdles of life without ever revealing as much as a whimper. So when she called to share with me the news of her impending battle with breast cancer I knew creating a Give-In-Kind page would be great helpmate to her and her family. The gift cards and gift baskets on her wishlist are items that will certainly help ease her load along the way and also soothe her journey through this battle she undoubtedly will beat! Give what you can, whether it's dinner delivery or a small gift to remind Melissa we're thinking of her and fighting right along with her!

Special Notes

To best protect Melissa, as she #FightsLikeAGirl, she can not accept visitors right now, but a text, recorded video message, a thoughtful gift from her wish list, or dinner for her family would go a long way to brighten her day and lighten her load as her household's #SUPERWOMAN. **If you want to send flowers, live plants are preferred. Perennials, succulents, or low care houseplants.** 

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