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Going to Bat for Steve Montz

Reserve, LA


Our friend Steve was recently diagnosed with Nasopharengeal cancer and has begun his treatment to fight this disease. He will be undergoing radiation every day for the next 7 weeks and will also be undergoing chemotherapy. With Dolores recently starting a new job, we're hoping to help with a few things for the family. Steve has always been there for everyone, now is our chance to be there for him. If you're interested and able, please sign up for an opportunity to provide a meal for the family over the next few weeks.

Special Notes

Since he is needing to limit visitors while undergoing treatment, there will be an ice chest near the front door. Please make every effort to drop of the meal at 6pm in the evening. A couple of other suggestions that have come in....forgive me, it's my first time doing something like this....but if you could deliver the items in disposable containers, it would be incredibly helpful. In addition, Steve does have a seafood allergy, but the others in the family will gladly partake in any deliciousness you choose to bring. If you'd cards to a local restaurant would also be greatly appreciated.

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