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Love for the Lester Family

Anchorage, AK


On November 2nd, 2023, 10 year old Hatcher Lester was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). After four intensive weeks of chemo treatment (induction) at Seattle Children’s Hospital, Hatcher is in remission (woohoo!!!) and the family is now back in Anchorage. However, his treatment and required care will continue to be intense. This page was started as a way to coordinate support for the family for those who have asked how they can be of assistance.

Special Notes

-Address is 3930 Woronzof Drive - Hatcher is immunocompromised and cannot have visitors. - To minimize additional burden to the family, dishware that does not need to be returned, please. Disposable food storage containers are available at the front office at Chugach Optional for this purpose. - It would be most helpful to have meals delivered to the front porch anytime from 7a-8p for meals that can be reheated or between 5-7p for hot meals. Feel free to send a text or ring the doorbell to let them know your meal has arrived but no phone calls or visitors, please:) - Favorite foods include Latin American food, Thai food, and any meals that can be easily frozen such as soups and stews. - 2-3 meals/ week between Sunday and Thursday would be greatly appreciated!

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