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Welcome Emilia Alessandra

Pomona, CA


Hola familia & friends!  Our beautiful rainbow baby 🌈 is finally here. We are beyond in love and feeling so blessed to be a family of 4 now. (or 5 if we include Atlas 🐶)  As many of you know I have been educating myself and prepping a lot for my postpartum journey, thats one of the reasons why you are on this website. We are learning to ask for support from the ones that we love and we are extremely grateful if you are choosing to drop off a meal for us, sending a gift card or volunteering for any kind of help. Thank you so much I’m advance! It takes a village✨ We are very slowly taking visitors but can’t wait till you all meet our Emi 💓   

Special Notes

We want to focus on my personal healing so we would love and prefer a home cooked meal, but we understand it’s not always possible 😊 •caldos/broths •sopas/soups •meals you are known for •or anything easy for me to eat during my postpartum/healing journey (Pinterest has tons of PP meals)  •online meal delivery apps are also welcome as we know a lot of you want to support but can’t deliver.  You can always feel free to text us for ideas/cravings. We are just grateful for y’all !

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