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Support for the Amis Family with New Baby

Casselberry, FL


This support page was created to help Sterlina and Daniel as they adjust to life with their 3rd baby girl Zaria. Sterlina had an emergency c-section and baby Zaria has been in NICU. Anyway you can help and support their family is truly appreciated as Sterlina takes the time to heal from surgery. If you are able to provide meals, please select which date(s) and type of meal. If providing a meal is not a option right now, maybe you would consider donating your time to serve them. Some needs that will serve them best are taking their girls and setting up play dates, lawn maintenance/cutting their yard, cleaning their house, helping with dishes, vacuuming their house, etc. If you are able to provide your time with any of these services, please select which service, date and time. Any support for this family is truly appreciated.

Special Notes

No food allergies or dietary restrictions. One person is vegetarian. Please no sick visitors if you are not feeling well. Thank you.

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